Building confidence, self esteem and resilience in our kids

STRONG Tweens and Teens is a supportive, fun, interactive and uplifting program designed to help girls feel resilient and empowered. This term based program includes 1.5 hour session each week. Each session includes all three Standing Strong components of;

Strong Body – Movement     Strong Mind – Mindset    Strong Heart – Mindfulness

STRONG Tweens and Teens is a proactive and preventative wellness program while also assisting girls through any challenges they may be facing.

Each weekly session offers a specific topic designed to encourage and inspire girls. We focus on 30 minutes of movement, 30 minutes of mindset and 30 minutes of mindfulness.

Strong Body portion of the programs is based on yoga therapy so each move we make is improving their wellbeing. In term 3 we are focusing heavily on strengthening their backs to support their whole body and build confidence, their large intestines to help keep things moving and their lungs to help keep colds and sickness at bay.

Strong Mind is mindset based and we focus on a different topic each week. The discussion is lead with a number of questions which everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and experiences. The way the girls support each other and give each other different ideas or ways to think is where the real connections are made which is so important for this age group

Strong Heart is the girls favorite part of the program as they are learning to make time for themselves and how important self care is. We do all different types of activities including art, journaling or letter writing, meditation or DIY/Craft activities.


During the 8 week program your daughter will learn

  • How to Boost Confidence & Improve Self Esteem
  • How to Build Resilience & Inner Strength
  • How to Manage Friendships & Create Healthy Boundaries
  • How to Understand Emotional Intelligence
  • How to create a positive body image and strong sense of self
  • How to use Mindfulness & Stress Management Techniques
  • How to Understand Values, Motivation & Goals
  • The Importance of Health, Wellness & Self Care

Each weekly session has a strong focus on connection, belonging, kindness, support and relationship building. This program offers new topics and activities each term and can be enjoyed as a once off experience or as a continual program enjoyed over ongoing terms

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Consider this an injection of positivity, connection and support for your daughter 

Mel is an amazing leader/mentor. My daughter enjoys her program and I highly recommend Mind Shift Project for all girls and young women

Mum of STRONG Tween

I feel more relaxed and happy. Getting out just makes me feel calm and grateful. It has helped me make new friends and look forward to life more and more

Thank you Mel

STRONG Teen - 14 years old

This is such a great program and Mel who runs it is beautiful. My daughter is in yr 8 and has really loved it this year – very down to earth and a lovely group of girls

Mrs P
Mum of STRONG Teen

I feel more confident and have more faith and trust in myself

STRONG Tween - 11 years old

Each child that comes to or programs are unique individuals and accepted exactly as they are

Acceptance, respect, support and encouragement is modeled from day one. The activities we do are specifically designed to build trust within the group which in turn, allows the girls to share more with each other. By sharing stories and experiences they will realise they are not alone and they have a wonderful group behind them building their courage, confidence and self esteem which will then spill into other areas of their life

Creative Kids Vouchers Accepted – Please contact us to use the voucher before booking online

enrol into the 10.15 - 11.45am saturday program - 8 weeks starting 1st August
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Please note: If the government changes regulations due to COVID-19 and we are unable to run in person classes they will continue online OR you will receive a credit of the remaining weeks to put towards a future class – you choose