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    STRONG April School Holiday Workshop is week long program specially created for girls aged 7-10 years.

    STRONG programs are a supportive, fun, interactive and uplifting program designed to help girls feel resilient and empowered. This workshop one hour session each day. Each session includes all three Standing Strong components of;

    Strong Body – Movement     Strong Mind – Mindset    Strong Heart – Mindfulness

    Each daily session offers a specific topic designed to encourage and inspire girls. It is a proactive and preventative wellness program while also assisting girls through any challenges they may be facing.

    During the program the girls learn how to adjust to changes in life including school, friends and family.

    • How to understand thoughts and feelings by learning emotional intelligence, self-awareness and resilience
    • How to build new and positive friendships
    • How to deal with bullying, competition, failure and life pressure
    • How to create a positive body image and strong sense of self
    • How to live a happy, healthy and inspired life

    The topics we will be covering are:

    Making new friends


    Self Care



    To be involved in the program the girls will need access to the following equipment:

    Laptop or tablet to access the zoom call

    Room to do some games and exercise

    Paper, pens, pencils, textas

    The program has a maximum of 10 participants