Supporting parents through the ups and downs that parenting brings

Mind Shift Project was built to support not only children and teens but the people that care for them as well.

Our children go through an enormous growth period as the get older not only in height but personality and sensitivities. This means that we also change in the way we care for them and ourselves during this time.

This is an individual program just for you – no one else.

It’s time you can spend focused on what you want, how you would like to parent, how you can help your child through the ups and downs of growing up, how to look after yourself, build your confidence, learn forgiveness, solve problems and set goals.

It’s about looking after yourself

During the 6 week program you will

  • Gain confidence with your parenting and beyond
  • Learn how to prioritise self care and self love
  • Find out why forgiveness is life changing
  • Learn how to support sensitive children with love and patience
  • Why putting yourself first helps the whole family
  • If you are a sensitive parent find out why it is a gift
  • Challenge the idea of perfection and why its not required
  • Using the knowledge of your own children to customise your parenting for each of your children
  • Learning more about how to support your child’s emotions
  • What mindfulness is, why we need it and how to use it
  • How to overcoming worry and make decisions easily
  • Learn the secret of problem solving
  • Developing the negative self talk into something useful
  • How goal setting can bring your dreams closer
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Consider this program an injection of positivity, support and change 

not only for you but your whole family

Why should I joing this program?

Sometimes we need to talk to someone who does not have any preconceived thoughts about the situation you are talking about. I am not a family member or a friend who you might upset, offend or will give you their opinion. Talking to someone who is non judgmental and ready to help you find the answers that you already have will give you the freedom  to tell the truth without fear or backlash or rejection.

By taking time for yourself each week you will come to realise how important it is to put yourself first therfore you will also be able to have the capacity to take care of your family and friends as you would like to.

If you have questions regarding the program feel free to contact Mel to discuss

Melissa is a great listener. Her neutral perspectives and logical advise have given me a refreshing outlook on things I was unsure on how to shift on my own. She have been really flexible in accommodating busy schedules and family life, which made the process really obtainable. Thank you for your support Mel x

April 2019

I have worked with Melissa for many years in the student exchange industry both in Australia and the UK. Melissa managed the students that we worked with, with huge kindness but also gave logical and effective advise. She always impressed me with her ability to get to the crux of an issue and guide the young person, or host parent or natural parent to resolve an issue

I cannot recommend Melissa enough because of her pragmatism, level headed nature, wit and kindness which will no doubt be a tremendous benefit to anyone who works with Mind Shift Project

October 2019

Melissa is helping me avoid getting overwhelmed by important life choices. She showed me how to break things down into parts and tackle things one by one. I am very grateful for her help and would recommend her.

May 2019

The program is set over 6 weeks and includes a 45 minute catch up with Mel each week, that alone is a gift to yourself. A consistant catch up with someone who is non judgmental and is there just to listen. Mel is known for her empathetic nature, understanding and encouragement and that time is devoted to you.

Each program can be customised to create the results you are after. The first session is always about you and what you would like to gain during our time together.

Yes enrol me now - This sounds amazing